Embedded Technology System Solutions, Inc.


We provide services to help your business succeed! Some of the technology used in our designs consist of:

Micro processor
Micro controller
DSP, Sequencer
Flash Memory
Wireless networks
Traffic Generator
Signaling and network packet analyzer
Sensor Network
Home automation and control




Custom Solutions for Your Company - Our primary specialty is in providing a plethora of services and products that are custom tailored for your company's needs. If you have any questions at all please contact Emtec Solution. Emtec's engineers are highly proficient in accomplishing the hardware and software needs of your company.

Electronic Hardware Design - Emtec Solution works closely with its customers to provide lower costs and faster performance through custom made hardware solutions. In addition we are capable of solving hardware/software problems by utilizing the latest in state of the art equipment and software applications. Our primary strength lies in the integration of complex systems.

Prototyping - We provide quick prototyping so our customers can see their end product quickly. These protoypes can be used for demonstration, analyisis, or simply to prove the developing concept.

Hardware Documentation - Emtec can provide you detailed drawings of hardware architecture schematics to test, assemble, and calibrate your hardware systems.

Software Development - We frequently utilize the best software tools to handle new hardware devices, but when it is called for we can develop the correct software solution for any hardware device.

FPGA Design and Coding - Emtec's FPGA design services provide our clients access to an expert engineering team with highly successful systems development experience in a variety of industries throughout the world.

Radio Frequency Design - Utilizing the latest in wireless, radio frequency design tools, Emtec's expert engineers create solutions for any project including our customer's wireless needs.

Network Management Systems - Emtec's engineers are highly capable in building and designing network management solutions for any customer. This functionality allows our customers' companies to troubleshoot their systems far easier than ever before.

Analysis and Simulation - Emtec can provide detailed analysis and simulations for your hardware to test for potential flaws and/or to streamline your applications.

> Clientele :

- NextGenAuto, Inc.

- Cirasys, Inc.

- AMI Semiconductor

- Energizer Battery

- Dallas Logic

- SOC Solutions LLC

- Gene House

- Oncura Partners

- Contract Services and Development Inc. (CSD)

- QC Graphics, Inc.


- Dallas Logic

- SOC Solutions LLC

- Contract Services and Development Inc. (CSD)

- QC Graphics, Inc.

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